Posted on Apr 24, 2019

Digital Prospects (Pty) Ltd

Find language and messaging that resonates with your visitors. By understanding your key audience better and what messaging resonates with them, you can make the necessary changes to your content. Remember that content doesn’t just include the body or copy, but all aspects of written text, including headings, sub-headings, call-to-actions and links. All of these elements of content need to form a cohesive whole that push your visitors closer to conversion. Your website copy and language will steer your audience to take action, for example, to click a button to buy, download or move onto the next step. Therefore, we have to give visitors a clear message and reason, compelling enough to take action by adding value and relevancy.
If you’re selling a high-end product or service, use appropriate language to accentuate your lavish or opulent (superior?) product or service. Likewise, if you are selling an everyday product or service, don’t chase potential customers away by coming across as being pompous or ostentatious. The last thing you want to do is alienate your customer base.

Test generic words within your CTAs, such as ‘click here’ or ‘buy now’ with more tailored messaging, highlighting the benefits or scarcity of what you’re trying to sell. Everyone has seen a ‘click here’ or ‘buy now’ therefore coming up with something a lot more original and relevant to your business will instantly set your business apart from others.
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