Posted on Apr 29, 2019

Digital Prospects (Pty) Ltd

PART 6 OF CRO: Shape and size of CTA buttons

When looking at improving your Conversion Rate Optimisation, you are also improving your website development, thereby improving your overall user experience and ultimately, your rankings. Today we’re looking at the shape and size of your Call-To-Action components.

Size and shape can also have an impact on the likelihood of your target audience clicking your CTAs and navigating across your website.

Step 1: Increase the size of your CTA buttons
Small CTA buttons are bound to be overlooked by a hasty visitor. Make sure they are big enough to immediately grab the visitor’s attention. Combine this with colour and animation (that we’ve already talked about earlier) for maximum effect.

Step 2: Make them easier to find
Don’t put your CTA components in obscure places such as the bottom right-hand side of a page. Or even worse, down make them “appear” when someone scrolls down a page or accidentally hovers over them. CTA’s should NEVER be invisible, no matter what your web designer might say.

Step 3: changing the shape to see if they get interacted with more.
Everyone on the planet has seen a round or rectangular button. It tends to get boring, so why not spice it up with a different shape? Test different shapes such as square, rectangle, oval and irregular shapes to catch your user’s attention and stand out further.

Have a Step 4 or more when it comes to CTA shapes and sizes? Let us know!
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