Posted on Apr 23, 2019

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Does colour have an impact on CRO?

There is a psychology behind colour, and gains can be made by understanding what colour resonates better with your audience and enables your call to actions to stand out more.

Remember that colour blindness affects around 300 million people worldwide, which means that around 8% of male visitors and 1 in 200 female visitors to your site, will have difficulty differentiating between shades of green and red.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use these two vibrant colours. Just be mindful of their limitations, for example: do not use them to highlight important text, or to make links stand out.

Test what combinations of colours work for your CTAs (Call To Actions). Play with background and font colours to make your information stand out, in order to increase your overall conversion rate. For example, test the colours red vs blue vs orange – does one colour have a better effect when used in the background of your CTAs? Ask ordinary, everyday people such as friends and family for their input.

Also look at contrasts in particular. Using a few contrasting colours can really compliment each other and further make your CTAs "pop". Keep in mind that at least one of the colours you use, is one of the main colours used in your site overall, or in your logo. This will also compliment your overall design.

Tomorrow we look at LANGUAGE AND MESSAGING.
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