Posted on Apr 27, 2019

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TIP 5 of CRO: CTA placement
Take advantage of the reading and scanning habits of your users. Knowing why they visit your page will help when you consider where to place your Call To Action (CTA) sections or buttons. By understanding how users interact with your pages you can place your CTAs to direct their eye more effectively. Do you predominantly have repeat visitors who come to your site? Or would you have a larger percentage of new users? Does your website contain tons of information like a blog with daily posts, or is a one-page/landing page type of website? If you can answer these questions, you’ll know whether you have visitors that spend time on your site or not.

If visitors are only on your website for short bursts of time, then they will only scan your home-page for the information they’re looking for. If they don’t find what they’re looking for within the first few seconds, you might lose them forever. It is thus very important that your CTA content already features prominently towards the top of your page for these visitors. Visitors who spend minutes at a time on your site, can be enticed by well-placed CTA’s lower down on your home-page and should offer multiple CTA options, rather than just one option to choose from.

Utilise heat-mapping tools to understand how they interact with your design. Simply type in website heat-mapping tools, or CTA heat-mapping in Google and you’ll find many relevant posts and links to these tools and how to use them.
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